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Dragon Cave

Located in Phang Nga province this cave has welcomed several visitors seeking help for fighting cancer and HIV. According to the caretaker we talked to people come and meditate inside the caves (meditation chambers with moskito nets) are provided as well as drink the home made hot tree bark tea. If required the monks will show you the buddhist way of meditation including mantra singing.

This may all sound pretty peculiar but I believe that simply the fact that you spend a lot of time with yourself without any distraction, absolute stillness within the caves and the tea as a cleansing tool is enough for many to find back to themselves and by the side loose the physical illness (that theory works of course only if you are convinced that all illness starts because of an unbalanced state of mind).

All help provided is for free, including sleeping in the caves (bring your sleeping bag, a mat and the tiger balm cream for the moskitos)... well, but donations are of course welcomed and put in a small box outside the caves.


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